Projects List

This is a list of some of the things I’ve been looking at. I don’t have time to write posts about them all, but if there are any that are of interest, let me know using the contact form below and I’ll write them up.

Comments are welcome; it would be nice to know if anyone actually reads any of this!

Sharp Dust Sensor

Arduino project using the Sharp dust sensor to measure air quality

Light Blue Bean BLE Voltmeter

A light blue bean that you can clip onto any voltage source between 4.5v and 40v and read the voltage via BLE on an iPhone. Can also be used as a low battery alert, using the bean as an iBeacon.

Long Range Radio Modules

Experiments with Xbee modules for low bandwidth comms over 2-3 mile range.

3g Rasberry Pi wildlife camera

RaspPi + Camera Module + SparqEE 3G module + 3D Printer Case = Wildlife camera with live feed without wifi

Home energy Monitor

Open Energy Monitor, Current Transformers, eMonCMS.

BBC Microbit

A BBC Micro for 2016?

3d Printing

Building a 3d Printer from a kit. Getting it to work and tweaks to make it better.

RF Explorer

An affordable RF Spectrum analyser